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These face masks are designed by Samira Boon when she lived in Japan. In response to the sterile-looking white masks she released in 2006 a more cheerful version. At that time especially popular in Asia where masks can be seen on the streets every day. Due to the corona virus face masks are also in Europe more and more a daily accessory.
This new mask no longer conceals but transforms the part of the face it is hiding, integrating face and mask.

The ‘stay cheerful’ masks are now produced in the Netherlands in an environmentally friendly manner, they are washable, made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) and with envelope to add your own filter.
Fifteen variants are available, mainly animal prints.

These cheerful masks are not medical masks, but very suitable for use in public transport, supermarkets, etc.

Other popular products of Samira Boon are the san kaku mado window mosaic and the furoshiki shiki cases.