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Ayuko Hishikawa

Ayuko Hishikawa is a hat designer, based in New York and Tokyo.
She graduated as an architect from the University of Texas and started het career as an interior designer in Tokyo. Gradually, her wish to make something from her own hand became bigger and bigger.

design of
Ayuko Hishikawa Millernery

In 2012 she became inspired by the hats from Anya Caliendo and the international fashion culture. She travelled to New York to learn the fashion trade from her. After that she designed various hats and accessories for fashion magazines and the bridal scene. She launched het own hat brand “Ms. Merry”, later named Ayoko Hishikawa Millenery.

Paper Accessory jewellery
in the making

In 2017 the brand “ Ayoko Hishikawa paper accessory” was established in collaboration with the Japanese Paper factory ONAO.
Each design and each work, that comes from her hand, is characterized by her dedication  to craftsmanship and use of fine materials and tools.