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Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa was born and bred in the Yamanashi district of Japan. This is also the location of the Onao papermaking company. He is a graduate of the Tama University of Art in Tokyo. After working for several companies both in Japan and abroad, he set up his own design agency in 2003: “Naoto Fukasawa Design”. World leading companies sought his expertise. Fukasawa has received many international awards.

21_21 design sight museum Tokyo

In 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek proclaimed him one of the world’s most influential designers. He teaches at Musashino Art University as well as at Tama University of Art, is autor of several books, among them The unseen outline of things (2009) and since 2012 one of the directors of ‘21_ 21 Design Sight’ museum in Tokyo.

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Fukasawa’s trade mark is an approach to design that makes his creations blend into their environment as if they naturally sprout from it. Simplicity, functionality and beauty are their main characteristics. In 2007 the Onao company asked him to design several products incorporating the traditional craft of papermaking. This resulted in the beautiful SIWA product line.