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Samira Boon

Studio Samira Boon is a renowned textile-architecture studio, based in Amsterdam and Tokyo with a strong focus on creating flexible and dynamic environments. After graduating from aan engineering course at he TU Delft in 2002 Samira Boon worked and lived a long period of time in Japan, where she started her design studio.
As an expert on material properties of textile, Samira Boon advises and works together with architects to formulate location specific solutions.

In Japan her interest in folding art was aroused. One of her first successes was the development of the ‘furoshiki shiki’ series, based on the Japanese folding techniques. Since then she has worked on projects where architecture, textile and Japanese folding techniques meet. The studio combines adaptive and sensory qualities of materials with research into advanced automated production techniques.

Samira Boon at work in the Textiellab
Image: Textielmuseum Tilburg

Recent works includes of 3D woven SUPERFOLDS and ARCHI FOLDS, 2 innovative series of textile structures, where technique, science and art come together. For ARCHI Folds she collaborated with the University of Tokyo and the Dutch Textile Lab to combine the traditional origami techniques with computer controlled textile folding options.

Besides the furoshiki shiki cases, you will also find the window mosaic san kaku mado and ‘stay cheerful’ masks of Samira Boon in our collection.