MYEIN bowl line 2

by Tatjana Kovacevicc-Vidovicc

The design of the Myein bowls is based on archeological objects from the Neolithic era found in Bosnia-Herzegovina. These pottery bowls are made with passion and attention: they are cast, hand shaped and decorated, partly glazed and then fired in an electric oven. The unglazed parts are porous, thus permeable, as opposed to the glazed parts. Now reduced in price from €160,00 to €55,00!

Brand : myein
Designer : Tatjana Kovacevicc-Vidovicc
Year : 2011
Material : terracotta (geglazuurd)
Property : glazed parts are water resistant. Not dishwasher proof
Delivery time : 1 week
Possible colors :
Size(hxbxd) Weight Price
9,5 x 21 x 6,5 cm 65 gram € 55.00