PAPER EDEN wild flower fritillaria verticillata

by eden works

Handmade flowers made of naoron paper produced by the centuries old Japanese process of washi-suki. This material of wood pulp to which recycled polyester fibers from bottles and rags have been added, is water resistant and hard to tear while still retaining its distinctive paper texture. The same paper is used for the SIWA collection. These flowers are available in 14 different types. Wonderful for decoration at home or storefront etc., but also suitable as a fashion item.

Brand : paper eden
Designer : eden works
Year : 2017
Material : rpf naoron
Property : durable, water resistant and light weight
Delivery time : 1 - 4 weeks
Possible colors :
Size(hxbxd) Weight Price
h ca. 50 cm 40 gram € 73.00