SIWA slippers

by naoto fukasawa

These slippers are made of paper produced by the centuries old Japanese process of washi-suki. The slippers are partly made of RPF NAORON (special paper, to which recycled polyester fibers have been added). Another part of the slippers consists of SOFT NAORON. The addition of polyolefin fibers gives the material a soft and flexible texture that is durable, water resistant and surprisingly strong. Soft Naoron does not emit noxious fumes when burned. The sole is covered with artificial leather, the footbed is filled with a high quality of felt. The slippers are flexible, water resistant as well as surprisingly strong and comfortable.

Brand : siwa
Designer : naoto fukasawa
Year : 2008
Material : rpf naoron
Property : durable, water resistant and light weight
Delivery time : 1 - 4 weeks
Possible colors :
Size(hxbxd) Weight Price
S: 23~25 cm 75 gram € 59.00
L: 26~28 cm 95 gram € 62.00